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Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism of Vultures

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Vultures have been seen as symbols of death and decay, but they also have spiritual meanings related to protection, purification, and renewal.

In this post, we’ll explore the symbolism and significance of vultures in various cultures and spiritual traditions. Their connections to death can represent the elimination of harmful things and the opportunity for a fresh start.

Vulture Spiritual Meaning

In many cultures, the vulture is seen as a symbol of death and decay. But it also has positive spiritual meanings.

The vulture can represent purification. It feeds on dead animals, helping to clean up the environment.

This connects it to the removal of sin, harmful emotions, or bad relationships. The vulture soars high in the sky with keen vision.

This symbolizes the ability to see the bigger picture and focus on what matters most. Since vultures circle above the dying, they are thought to guide souls as they transition from life to death.

Their ability to locate corpses from miles away is linked to discernment. The vulture can detect the small signs of danger or death from a higher perspective.

Overall, the vulture represents the opportunity to eliminate harmful things in our lives, make way for fresh starts and growth, and focus on the essentials. Its spiritual wisdom teaches us to purify our lives, rise above difficulties, and prepare for rebirth or renewal.

What Do Vultures Symbolize?

Vultures are most famously known as symbols of death. Their diet of dead and decaying animals connects them to the end of life.

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But the vulture does not always have a negative meaning. Its ability to feed on death represents the removal of waste, sin, and harmful things.

This can symbolize purification and renewal. Vultures are associated with transition, as they are thought to guide souls from the earthly realm to the afterlife.

Their keen eyesight represents discernment – spotting small signs of danger or death that others may miss. The vulture’s high flying shows an ability to rise above difficulties and see the bigger picture.

Its patience symbolizes waiting for the right opportunity. Since vultures circle in the skies above the dying, they represent preparation for change and rebirth.

Their return to the same nests reflects loyalty and commitment. In Native American culture, the vulture is considered a protective spirit guide.

Overall, this scavenging bird is a symbol of purification, transition, higher vision, patience, and renewal amidst death and decay. It teaches us to eliminate waste, wait for the right moment, and ascend to a higher purpose.

Vulture Totem, Spirit, and Power Animal

If vulture is your totem, you are likely drawn to dead things and dark themes. You focus on eliminating negative or wasteful things from your life and starting fresh.

Vulture spirit represents purification, patience, and higher perception. Your keen vision lets you spot hidden signs and truths.

You wait for the perfect moment to act. By embracing the vulture spirit, you can focus on what truly matters and let go of harmful things with grace.

You are loyal and circle back to cherished people and places. As your power animal, vulture gives you the gift of discernment.

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You can detect subtle dangers or the need for change early on. Vulture reminds you to be patient – all things come in due time.

It inspires you to rise above challenges and see the bigger picture. Vulture calls on you to cleanse your life of sin, toxic relationships, or limiting beliefs keeping you from soaring to new heights.

By accepting the vulture’s wisdom, you open yourself to rebirth and renewal.

Vulture Dream Interpretation

If a vulture appears in your dream, it could represent the elimination of something harmful in your life. The vulture feeds on dead animals, so its presence signifies getting rid of waste or things no longer serving you.

It is a signal to purge yourself of bad habits, limiting beliefs, grudges, or toxic relationships. Since vultures circle above dying animals, a dream vulture may indicate a relationship or situation nearing its end.

You may need to prepare for significant change or a fresh start. Alternatively, the vulture represents clarity of vision and patience.

Your dream is calling on you to rise above current challenges in your life. Look at the bigger picture and discern what truly matters.

Vultures find food through keen sight and calm waiting. Similarly, your dream reminds you to use insight and planning to spot opportunities for growth.

Trust that rewards will come to the patient observer in due time.


The vulture represents purification, higher vision, patience, and renewal. By embracing the vulture’s spiritual wisdom, we can eliminate harmful things, wait for the right moment, focus on what truly matters, and prepare for rebirth.

This mystical bird teaches us to soar above adversity, discern truths, and welcome the death of the old so the new can take flight.

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